Avatar History Quiz by Vanessa – IRez

From IRez: “I’ll put up L$5,000 plus a night or day or afternoon of my time for any activity the winner wants. We can go shopping & buy ourselves new outfits. Or buy houses & yachts. Or throw a dance party at Club Morpheus. Anything you want. And yes, if SaveMe Oh wins, I’ll buy her L$5,000 of Brussels sprouts.”

O gawwd what an awesomesauze price! Join the fun and have a guess. YOU can win! :D Great you took the challenge (((Vanessa)))

Read on: http://irez.me/2013/07/27/avatar-history-quiz-mera-kranfel/


7 Comments to “Avatar History Quiz by Vanessa – IRez”

  1. haha, thanks for the awesome inspiration Mera! In a way I think this is a ridiculously hard “Caption Match” game… but in a way… if you click on the polldaddy link you get the 36 pix & captions and if you know a few faces, and google a few artist names you don’t know for pix of their work… I think you could guess the rest by process of elimination! :P

    Oh, and a few of the pieces have text on them, so they’re pretty much “free letters in bingo”

  2. Hiiiii… 2 things… both actually not related to this post… but I’ll do them here anyway! :) (hope you don’t mind!)

    1. You have 2 blogs now? And which one is the “real” or “main” one? I thought I saw a different one yesterday that had some of the same posts as this one but also many others.

    2. I have a new site too!

    a site for avatar bloggers from Second Life, InWorldz, and any other virtual worlds to ask & answer any questions they might have about their avatar blogging practice.


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