The magazine MANIERA™ from Second Life to Real Life


How impressive isnt this? The same magazine in both RL and SL with a mix of fashion, tech and Science:

“Since the year 2009, Topaz Joubert aka Thelma Lay in real life, has been a prodigy in the Second Life™ virtual world, simply because she was one of few who managed to catapult her virtual digital magazine, MANIERA™ into a real life legitimate magazine just like any other in the real world we all normally read. Real life models, real life coverage of fashion shows, art events their real life reporters attend and ofcourse also real life advertisers which truly makes it worth it in the magazine business.

MANIERA even got nominated last year at the Digital Magazine Awards™ ceremony, amazing.”

Read on in in the excellent OI Magazine:

Maniera homepage:


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