Meras rezzday inWorldz

Today 2010 Mera Kranfel rezzed inWorldz. She had began to feel stale in Second Life and needed to move on. A lot of water has been floating under the bridges since that time and inWorldz has evolved to a very competent virtual world. A few days later, 2nd of august, her “good for nothing” brother Vesper Kling followed her. The rest is history ;)

This was the start of a great adventure and it was the beginning of wonderful friendships inWorldz but also in the open metaverse. And that will continue!

Hugs all friends inWorldz and in the metaverse, lubs u <3


5 Comments to “Meras rezzday inWorldz”

  1. Happy Rezday, Mera! I’m so glad you mentored me and became my friend -I hope that you have a wonderful day today! :)

  2. Happy Rezday Mera! DAMN, what a cute photo! :)

  3. @Han Held, thank you! Pleasure was mine <3 huggies
    @Thanks Sven, my virtual knight on a white horse <3 huggies
    @Thanks Tranq, my inWorldz heroe <3 huggies
    @Vanessa, thanks, but Im not even close to you, <3 huggies

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