How we turn Second Life into a Lag Hell

Who do you blame for your lag in Second Life and similar virtual worlds?

Mona Eberhardt

“Lag Hell”. This is how Second Life has always been referred to by oh-so-many people throughout its ten years of existence. We often see people complaining about how laggy a region gets the moment a few avatars are on it – or, in some cases, how laggy a region is, no matter if it’s empty or packed full. The blame is invariably put on Linden Lab. Lag is always someone else’s problem. Oh really?

First of all, I’ll be the first to that Linden Lab have made many bad design decisions from the very beginning, and many of them are still haunting them to this day. But is it really so simple? As a matter of fact, it’s not. Yes, there’s much wrong with Second Life on the technical front. It has numerous limitations, but most of them could actually be worked around, provided content creators (from the complete beginners…

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2 Comments to “How we turn Second Life into a Lag Hell”

  1. I hope that lots of users read Mona Eberhardts and Penny Patton’s explanations and advice. Linden Lab tries to change their code so that Second Life will be a better world, but the changes they make are often met with threats of leaving Second Life. Users do not want to change the version or type of viewer, or learn to use new solutions. Changing building habits is even harder than getting users to accept new solutions.

    • I think its impossible to educate enough users to make a difference. Linden Lab need to restrict what ppl upload. For example Cloud Party have restrictions on huge textures, long sound loops, ineffective scripts and likewise. That is the only way.

      They need to clean up if they want a faster grid. In Cloud Party it is possible to clean up afterwards as they inactivate sound loops which are too long etc. I dont know if that would be possible in SL…

      Ppl would go mad of course ;)

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