The past and the future


Some weeks ago I had a guessing game with my friends. All these pictures are me or rather my “avie” if that is a difference? Where and when are these pictures taken? Which world and which year? This was no easy task. Take a guess and if you dont make it you can find the answer at the bottom of this post. If you like the idea, make your own collage with old pictures and paste a link in comments here :)

I have had a break from blogging for a while and im not sure how much I will blog in the future. Im in kind of a healing period now so I will take it slow. 1 thing is for sure, I wont share any personal stuff, especially not RL as a person I knew before has abused that information even tho it was only casual information. I only share my RL and my private thoughts with 1 special dear and trusted friend in virtual worlds nowadays.  But I may share interesting stuff about virtual worlds with you all when I find it.

The picture shows my past, but what about the future?

The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love ~ H.Humphrey


1. Avatar Hangout (Open sim december 2008)
2. Second Life (Chamonix may 2010)
3. Cloud Party 2013
4. Entropia Universe – 2013
5. New World Grid 2009 on 1 of my own 9 regions in may 2009

I rezzed in Second Life 25 oktober 2008 with my first avie Alessia Kranfel and after 1 month about i stood, bored, at a live concert/party (well yes hrmm im not a huge fan of virtual parties sorry to say ;). As i was bored i enjoyed myself with some profile perving. 1 man had a profile with pictures and texts about another world – Avatar Hangout – and open sim world. I was puzzled. There was other worlds than Second Life? Curiosity killed the cat so i threw myself on him and “demanded” he show me this world. That was my way into open sim. And yes… im afraid the hair is illegally copybotted but not by me :}

If you have time you can read more about the past in virtual worlds in Prim Perfects last edition:


10 Responses to “The past and the future”

  1. What an awesome guessing game Mera! I’d love to see more of these! Must pimp it to the virtual worlds!

    And, OMG, just thinking of what mine would look like… ouch! :P

  2. Good idea and had a laugh when finding old pics in the inventory! :)

  3. Whew! It’s done! Of course I went overboard with it! hahaha! I wound up doing all selfies with other peeps in them – very fun. Well, except there’s not one with YOU since we’ve never actually metup in a 3D virtual world! We’ve only managed to hang out in 2D virtual worlds like Google+, Twitter, Blogs etc. Anyway, it’s long, but I’m happy with it!

    • U are 2 cool Vanessa!! wao im impressed! And i need to work with that challenge for a while… Im sure we´ll meet in 3D any day – I just have to win this.. ;)


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