Suburbia in Cloud Party

Suburbia – the Purgatory, “ye who enters here abandon all hope” has entered the building competition in Cloud Party. I asked the major, ms Kranfel, to clean up before entering and stop smoking. But she didnt listen much …. she never does, does she? So I have no hope but it was fun as long as it lasted.

It´s extremely easy to build with blocks. This little neighborhood with 4 houses is built in 1 piece only. Though the junk and clutter are not included (thank god). You can experience it live here:

So i can just take it into my inventory and re rezz it whenever i feel like it again. Next step planned from Cloud Party may be a feature where we can print it and also export it from Cloud Party… some little bird whispered…. ;)

Follow this thread in the forum to see all buildings entering the competition, last date to enter is april 11:


One Comment to “Suburbia in Cloud Party”

  1. [The comment removed cos the problem is hopefully solved] EDIT 18 april: was not – got worse :(


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