The building contest in Cloud Party is extended!

New information:

* Contest submissions are due by Thursday, April 11th at 12:00 PM Noon PDT (UTC-7)
* Voting will take place over 24 hours
* Contest winner will be announced at a public party in Cloud Party on Friday, April 12th at 12:00PM Noon PDT (UTC-7) – See more at:

I have already removed my first house, the idyllic mountain lodge:

And built suburbia instead (both built in blocks):

I can only agree in what Phate Sheperd said recently; “I can’t keep thinking what a stroke of genius this was. The one thing that anyone in SL could do (usually badly) was build a home. It was easy to mod them, move doors around and put wallpaper on the walls. I never thought something even better would be in Cloud Party.

With voxel buildings, anyone can mod them. My OCD loves that all the walls will be aligned and uniform. You never have to worry about wallpaper alignment… it just works. Wall moulding can be changed separate of the wall texture. Normal mapped moulding looks very convincing ;-)

Mesh trim makers can make windows and door frames that will fit into any voxel house. Kitchen appliances and bathroom fittings just need to build on .25 meter increments, and it will all fit nicely into a voxel house….”

Look at some really amazing stuff ppl has built in Cloud Party or look at pics and get more information in this forum posting:


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