Building competition in Cloud Party!

I almost cried first time i saw the new building menu in Cloud Party. Cried of despair cos my first attempt to finnish this new goal and build a stair was a facepalm moment. And i had to finish the stair to be able to get my new parcel. 2 days later i love this new building technique, it is totally brilliant!!!!! Far far better than building in Second Life. It is sort of a mixture between Minecraft and Second Life prim building. Its totally fun and i have found inspiration to build in virtual worlds again thanks to this <3

And now they have just started a building competition. Build a house with blocks and the winner gets 1000 CC! wowsa! I have started to build my house, but only for my own sake. I wouldnt dare enter any competition lol lol :D

Read on and join the competition!:


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