Cloud Party – the cloudy future

I heard these statements from Mykael the other day and got curious:

“we are working on a large-scale project that we hope will solve many of the current limitations of Cloud Party. We’re very excited about it and can’t wait to unveil it, but it’s not quite ready. Once it is, I will outline what our intentions our with Cloud Party and where we’re going from here.”

He continues: “In the meantime, please know that we truly appreciate all of our current users and the time and effort they put into Cloud Party. All of your excellent work and feedback is extremely important to us and directly shapes Cloud Party as a platform. It’s true that the economic rewards are not here yet, but I am very confident in Cloud Party’s future and I believe those who are learning and working with Cloud Party now will reap the largest benefits in the coming months, both in terms of establishing their brand and in having an early hand in shaping Cloud Party. Thank you for your patience!”

*dies of curiousity!*

pic from Landscapes Unlimited:,178.0,197.9,0

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2 Comments to “Cloud Party – the cloudy future”

  1. I think Cloud Party has a great future and I can’t wait for other webGL applications to enable Opensim worlds to be accessed via a web browser so I look forward to Pixie viewer too. It would be even better if hypergrid was enabled in CP and there is no reasons to think it impossible since webGL can take care of the differences so long as the objects and appearance of avatars can transfer back and forth ok.

    I support all the whole idea of a free and open Metaverse and I want to see Cloud Party in there too. Check out Opensim Virtual…

    • Gaga; Sweetie you have a generous mind <3 I hope so too, hypergrid would be ossum to connect Cloud party and opensim. And it will be so exciting to see Opensim in a browser via Pixieviewer. I wholeheartedly support an open Metaverse too, there is place for everyone :) I hope you´ll come visit me in Cloud some day <3

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