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When we look into the future of virtual worlds what do we see? We often sees what we want to see, because we are afraid. Afraid of change. Maybee we know the truth but we dont want to see it. I love my desktop. But most young people today seems to use tablets or similar devices even cellphones to play games and access internet. Does virtual worlds have a future on tablets? Someone is working on a viewer to access opensim via a browser.  But some virtual worlds are more adapted to tablets as viewer based Cloud Party. This article is quite old, from July 2012 but excellent as always from Ignatius aka Joe Essid:

Here are some reasons I think Cloud Party represents the next generation of virtual worlds:

No client

This is key to mass adoption. For educators, it means that a student only needs a Facebook account. That means about 100 percent uptake for my students.

Real life ID

For Millennials, that too is key. They find virtual worlds “creepy” because, to paraphrase most of my 100+ users, “you don’t know who is on the other end of the wire.” Their faith in authenticity may be naive, but it’s strong and consistent in this demographic. Blame it on 12 years of “Internet Safety” classes rammed into their heads by schools.”

Read on: An Educator Looks At Cloud Party

And 1 more link to the same author in an interesting comment:

Comment by Han Held in Hypergrid Business: “I think everyone should take a long, hard look at this article: http://networkedblogs.com/Jk0U and read what he says about his students. Notice that at the end he lets slip that this will be “the last ever semester that he uses virtual worlds” in his cirriculum. Desktop adoption by teens and 20 somethings is dwindling, and as it dwindles, desktop-bound applications like second life and opensim run the risk of becoming irrelevant. I think ***NOW*** is the time for those who want to grow the metaverse to ask what place does it have in tomorrow’s tablet-bound future.”

Cloud Party is a very very small world right now. It takes a very long time for a virtual world to grow. So time will tell. But I firmly believe in access via browser. If Cloud doesnt make it, someone else will. I realised today how easy it would be to have meetings in Cloud Party for example. As an interst group in Facebook for instance with members spread all over the country or over several countries. Just log in via the viewer, you dont even have to register you can attend a meeting as a guest. No heavy downloads and no fuzz. Smooth!

Pic: NVN Cloud Party on a Tablet

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6 Comments to “R.I.P Desktop”

  1. Something odd about these discussions. I keep wondering why people feel the need to climb into each other’s heads every which way they can find. I do just what suits me. If tablet does I will use it. If desktop does it then that is where I will be. If you wanna come play on the net with me then do what it takes to find me – it’s not hard, I blab and blog enough places! But I don’t need anyone from the Internet poking around in my real life without my consent so why should I authenticate myself to every Tom, Dick or Harry? I don’t want silly cyber sex with anyone *yawn* and I am not looking for real life dating *another big yawn* so why should I care about whether a person is a Dragon or a pink gypsy from Mars? I also don’t care what propaganda young people have been force fed in schools. I don’t care about the soap opera social engineering of television. I just think it is so sad that people can’t find their own individuality and set their own standards and values. Perhaps the vast majority of people just can’t think for themselves is all I keep wondering.

    Anyway, my avatar face is the only face you will ever know and she has a little of the real me in her. Can’t deal with it?

    Then get off the Internet and go get a life in the flesh.

    Ha ha

    Such a bitch is I.

    • Lady Gaga; Arghh! U always write brilliant comments I wish I had blogged half as good as your comment. I´ll blog in swedish next time so u cant out smart me ;) And i totally agree in all u say. I would never, ever, reveal my real life ID to all internet creeps. No way jose´!

  2. I love your reply, Gaga! I agree! I don’t give out my real name in virtual worlds, for multiple reasons. Even Facebook wasn’t a barrier, I have a SL account on FB.

  3. it is official – Mera is a soothsayer (or a witch – i wonder if she floats?) =D

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