She was all that, now she is dead

She was a young swedish girl 13 years old, only a child. Some people told her she was ugly and published pictures of her with nasty comments on internet.

This friday the 8 of mars she did what they told her to do. She took her own life. Too ugly to live. The front of a train was the last thing she saw.

If i could get you, you coward who did this……!U9S0nnOqBrVM/


9 Comments to “She was all that, now she is dead”

  1. the person who did this should be made to relive the same thing

  2. Heartbroken over this. Poor child.

  3. I agree Fia and Kate, makes me cry too Shilo :`(

  4. wow, that is so sad. here in the states there have been many similar suicides over cyber bullying – it is so sad and horrific =(

  5. Yes it was a bloody child molester – KILL KILL KILL! :( We should use them instead of innocent animals for research/scientific experiment. No anesthesia of course.

  6. DS Bloody F-cktard who is responsible for this: May the fleas of 1000 syphillis infested rats infest your crotch

  7. It is not allowed for any people to take the life of the 13-year-old girl. However, the tragedy happened. Similar tragedy is repeated in Japan…

    The people can attack another person in a net easily. I must admonish myself thatthe net is convenient, but becomes the weapon.

    • A lot of dangers on the net, especially for young people who hasn´t developed enough “net-smartness” yet and are a lot more sensitive than we are.

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