Why I didnt leave

Vespan julen 2012

Some of my  best friends has left virtual worlds, last 1 was Yordie the other day. Just some week ago I had decided to leave too, I was dead tired of it and didnt want to log in. (All VR, SL, Cloud Party and Kitely) But I had to log in, otherwise my virtual horses and dogs would starv. So for some weeks I only logged in to feed my animals. I had unchecked most of my friends in my friendlist. No offence, I love u all and want to keep you in my friendlist but i was too tired to chat or go to parties or to have to explain why I didnt want to…and so on. I understand if some of you got sour and removed me cos of this, no problem.

For a while I felt strongly I had to quit VR completely but i hate goodbyes so I didnt. And I dont think i ever will because why should I? If i need a break I´ll take a break but i dont have to leave completely because of that. Time will pass and one day I will miss my virtual garden and log in again. So now I feel better and im more present in the virtual reality again.

I felt I had to explain this cos someone might get hurt when unchecked, but honestly i dont think that should generate drama. We all need peace and quiet sometimes and I will do it again when I feel I need to, but only temporary. Huggggs <3


3 Comments to “Why I didnt leave”

  1. Thanks Fia, for now at least. I cant predict the future. Though if i quit I suspect i will dissappear quietly and almost no one will notice. There will be not fuss about it :)

  2. Hey Mera – thought provoking words indeed. I was inspired to write this post: http://canarybeck.com/2013/02/26/escape-is-so-simple/

    • Wonderful blog post Becky, loved it, thanks. I wanted to say something like that, but lazy me =)) And im not native speaking so I try to make it short not to mess up too much :))

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