Cinderella is 86 years young

“I’m not my body. I’m not the same thing as my body.” Because as their physical body begins to fail them, in some ways their virtual body begins to seem more real than the one they were born with. “It’s not at all about denying the body or escaping the body,” as Boellstorff argues, “but expanding what the body can mean.” For him, then, the experience of the disabled in virtual worlds presents “a kind of the tip of the iceberg effect about what it means to have a body”

Read this faschinating story, it brings tears to my eyes:

“As for Fran Seranade, you may meet her in a ballroom in Second Life, whirling away in an opulent evening gown, young, beautiful, vibrant, a form quite different from her form in the material world now, but perhaps more true to who she really is.”


2 Comments to “Cinderella is 86 years young”

  1. Thanks for making me aware of this amazing story. Hugs

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