The Child Avatar Drama in OsGrid

Good point from Sarge here and a great comment from Ener Hax. I have no problem either with people using child avatars, as long as they dont play s-x games with them. But this is the grid owners decision. I can understand if you want to avoid the matter. I have some not so nice memories as a kid too. Thats why I feel a bit icky about grown ups playing s-x games with kids clothes and stuff, even if they dont have a child avie. But child avie as a tool for a grown up to feel like a child again (in a therapeuptic way for example) is no problem for me, though i would never wear 1 myself. I agree Virtual worlds should be used like this, let people express themselves and use the metaverse to evolve. As long as they dont hurt anyone or do something illegal.

So the drama eventually came to OsGrid! That means OsGrid is a grown up now like mom Second Life? This is actually a sign of maturity  :)) I hope this will be solved soon, no fun this like this war stuff going on….



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