Deceptive Appearance

deceptive appearances

So you are “your true self” in Virtual Worlds? U wanna make me believe that? lol lol Some of the nastiest persons I know in virtual worlds has gorgeous female or male avatars :)

Almost all of us are deceptive and tries to look better than we do in real life. Admit it. Do you look like your avatar? Nawww, u look like your ideal appearance. Most people in virtual worlds seems to rely more on a nice looking avatar. But think again. I´v said it before and this picture is even more explicit than i ever can hope to be.

I´m afraid that if u really are an ax murderer or just plain mean, and search for victims, u need a nice/innocent/sexy (whatever lures your intended victim) looking avatar :)

Identity Scam in Twitter:

Chew on that for a start.

pic from Armando Lioss


9 Comments to “Deceptive Appearance”

  1. I think the answer is don’t take anything at face value if you must use virtual worlds to find a real life relationship. Get to know who is behind the avatar bit by bit, in voice, on the phone, cam and finally, when you are really confident you know the person, meet them at a safe place with real life friends on hand. And remain cautious!

    Fact is most people that use virtual worlds are not looking for real life relationships and are quite happy to enjoy knowing other avatars without judging them. Role players do that all the time and use all manner of appearance. Do you believe Mera really has a tail and kitty ears? No, of course not. You only see the avatar. But she is having fun and it shows.

    The moral is don’t take anything at face value if you want more from the avatars you meet – they probably don’t want more than friendship from you. And those that are not all they seem will probably be a bit more pushy than the rest. Learn to read the language.

    • I agree Gaga and yesh u know me, gals just wanna have fun :)) I didnt join Virtual worlds or Second Life to get a copy of my RL, i joined caz NO LIMITS! :D And its not easy to “read” avies..I still suck bad at it. Huggies xxxxxx

  2. is this a cry for help? do we need to do an intervention?

    is the sweet Mera really an ax-wielding nutcase? (or just a normal nutcase like me)

  3. You got me, I’m an axe murderer. /me smiles a wicked smile

  4. Actually, I have been told I do look like my avi… well my male one at least… and only when I don’t have my kitty ears, fluffy hair and tail ;-) Sometimes deception isn’t intentional, but the message that we bring across to others in a virtual world, through the words we type, the appearance we’ve chosen, even the AO we’ve set, all have the potential to deceive, and perhaps also deceive ourselves by leading some of us to believe “I am being myself”.

    Then again, I’m sure we only have to think about what the average age of the user is, and compare that to what age the average avi looks like!

    Some people will create an avi that is totally different on purpose, some will create one that represents their ideal self, and there are some that will try and create an accurate representation, but at the end of the day our self-image can be different to how others see us (in RL) anyway.

    • Brian, I agree, deception is often unintentional. And nothing wrong with deception either as long as we dont hurt anyone. We should test our boundaries in Virtual worlds to evolve in the real world :) My point was more to stress the fact that we easily are lured by appearance, both in RL and virtual worlds. We need to remember to look deeper, it´s easy to forget. Live and let live :)

      Huggs and thanks all for interesting comments <3

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