Don´t shoot the messenger

you can tell the pioneers by all the arrows in their backs

Been there done that. When i moved to inWorldz it was the same as now, when i spend time in Cloud Party. I am pariah because i am “unfaithful” to Second Life. :D:D I´v seen that mentioned in some swedish blogs, the fact that we “have to help Second Life instead of blogging other grids”. ROFLMAO! I pay to play a game and i dont think Linden Lab demands i work for them for free too :))) So dont give me that sh-t “”You must not have any other (god) virtual world but (me) SL (or whatever)”

Don´t be silly friends, i lubs u anyhoo, even if u are Second Life fanboys/fangirls. I love the grid too and I AM premium and i OWN land and a lot of horses and DOGS even so LL lubs me too ;)


pic; Enchanted Lady

But be sure that I will blog whatever i like and spend time in whatever grid that is most fun at the moment. You shouldn´t demand that ppl work for free and PR any grid, it´s the grid owners business.  A private person with a blog should blog whatever he or she likes and if u dont approve dont read. But never, EVER demand they must help Second Life by blogging SL matters instead. That is a no no. U have so crossed the line here. Simple as that.

Still, u are my friends, silly u, but plz connect your brains before push publish nxt time ;)  <3 So lets have fun and continue to be friends in the Metaverse. If you want a puppy from Lady and the Tramp or a foal, stand in line. Ill give them away to friends. Just send me a IM if u r interested. <3 Or if u hate me for being a grid hopper, stop reading this shitty blog NOW cos i wont quit jumping grids! :D

It’s not the destination that matters, it’s letting your ears flap in the wind along the way


pic; Enchanted Tramp


4 Comments to “Don´t shoot the messenger”

  1. Mera, don’t ever stop jumping grids! I never would have met you otherwise! Love you my friend <333 Keep exploring that vast metaverse… I'm sure there are so many more wonders just waiting for you to discover. Hugs~ Bou

  2. “It’s not the destination that matters, it’s letting your ears flap in the wind along the way”
    I love that! \o/

    Also, what Bou said *hugs you*

  3. I enjoy your posts exploring other worlds. You aren’t a pariah at all.

  4. Boudi, Fia, Leanna & Yordie lubs u back, keep your ears flapping <3

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