Kitely – Hackers Sleepless City

If you are suicidal this is the place.  I logged in next to a Ener Mobile of course. Whole place was totally Enerific!

So I did find the Helicopter i was supposed to find but before i found the map i saw something. Close to the Helicopter there was a nice building with sun chairs, and the sun was shining so …I couldnt resist so I tried to jump but fell off the building and….died!  :(

The whole computer died my health meter went berzerk, hit rock bottom, went up again in a frenzy and down to zero again. I had to restart it all. U little griefer Ener, spanks u 50 times :D:D

I wonder if Ener will bury my avie and give her a nice tombstone at HaxNuit? :`(

So if you dare, log in to Kitely and find gorgeous Eners region link: Hax Nuit. From the homepage:

A condemned city from which all residents have been evicted.
Also known as Hax Nuit, this City of Darkness had a lawless past but now
stands empty.

Explore Hax Nuit to see what you can find – find the downed helicopter for
a list and a map.

more info at

shop-level maze images at

Good luck!

a Haxer Delite team build


4 Comments to “Kitely – Hackers Sleepless City”

  1. dang, thanks on the write up. you know, i get killed like that too! i think the AV also sometimes gets squished and stuck between prims!

    i will bury you and bring flowers everyday (and maybe some herring once a week)

    Hax Nuit is a bit of a shell atm, but Ohn Lang will be adding some NPCs and WhiteStar may be adding some scripted stuff – then it may be more fun

    right now, it might be fun if you are really bored and can’t sleep. no one has told me if they have found the Gold Cat statue yet . . .

    thanks for visiting and your pics are nicely done (cute butt btw)

    the impaled one is totally awesome! i’ve never seen that type of message! =D

    okay, i have a train to steal, err, i mean catch . . . =p

  2. =D Mera, i dunno how you do it, but you become more and more endeared to me! =)

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