Virtual Worlds are Nursery schools for Adults

Some people talk and talk (and talk and talk and talk!) about education, art and serious stuff just to make Second Life and virtual worlds sound and feel more important and serious than it is. But admit it, its just a play ground :D

I entered Second Life in october 2008 just because i had seen a flying blue bear in a TV show. (Pic 1, Im blue in Cloud Party too ;) After a while an aquaintance of mine saw a pic of my Second Life pet dog and entered the world. Does that sound like serious business? Nawww its adults playing with dolls and having fun. Its good to play. But dont over exaggerate it. If you play all day long and dont focus on your real life, you are in serious trouble. If you think about Virtual Worlds and read blogs all the time when u are not online you are also in trouble.

I think we need to use Virtual Worlds as a casual game or instead of TV for 1-2 hours each day at most. More than that and we are in trouble. Well if you are disabled and cant work or something like that it´s a different story of course. I got a lot of bashing calling VW a “game” and so on. That IS a sore toe to step on as we say in Sweden :))

Pic: MineCraft meets Islam. Where does this happen in real life? Never! That is a good thing, ppl learn to mix even if they look different. But hey it is a GAME!! GAME GAME GAME! Now I´v said it four times :O) And i dont much care on which platform i play as long as i have fun and can keep in touch with friends. Second Life, inWorldz, Osgrid, Kitely or Cloud Party? I am a traveller in the Metaverse and I spend time and money on the platform where I have most fun at the moment. Simple as that. NO, im not faithful to SL or any other platform. It´s not my problem if they survive or not. If not, the weren´t good enough and we have to move on. Like it or not  ;) I know a lot of ppl who agree with me but they often dont dare spell it out loud cos there are lots of SL orthodox peeps all over and they will chop your head off if you as much as breath about SL or virtual worlds uses tech from anno dazumal D:

It´s a GAME on a COMPUTER (no 5 ;) . That doesn´t mean we cant form relationships and treat each other as human beings. But god d-mn it, this is NOT the real world ;) So if you use Virtual Worlds in a sensible way you are totally ok. Playing is good for body and soul.

But if you write a blog about virtual worlds like I do, u are lost forever :D:D

Alpha Auer had a great posting, same topic: I dont agree with all she says but its ok. SL tech sucks bad :D and I like the V3 viewer a lot more than good old V1 ;)

All pictures are from Cloud Party:


6 Comments to “Virtual Worlds are Nursery schools for Adults”

  1. Yessie, we are lost forever. :)

  2. Papa don’t preach I’m in trouble!

    Of course it’s an adult playground.

    OOOH you blue!

    *Hugs Mera*

  3. Some people do take SL way too seriously. I think it gets serious in particular when RL money gets involved – sure you might subscribe to a game or buy expansion packs and add-ons, just as you can do in SL (add-ons in the form of non-free skins and clothing), but to live virtually every waking hour… virtually (perhaps to get your monies-worth)… well surely that’s not healthy. I really try and balance and limit my time in SL, just as I do with TV. Even if I’m just logging in to SL to chat to friends, if they were friends that I was hanging out with in RL (in person) then that wouldn’t involve hours of each day of the week. Log out and experience some of the real world, before it all slips by.

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