My Enchanted Night Mare

Pic; My winged horse painting from artist ArtWolf , SLurl – visit her gallery

Amaretto are a different kind of virtual horse than ABC horses but I like them a lot as it is so exciting to create my “own” horse so to speak. You can choose from multible breeds, colours and stuff. Pretty cool!

I got a lot of strange offspring from my ABC horses for some months now so I have decided to downgrade and work on Amaretto instead. I was inspired when I got a black winged mare. Read the story behind the black winged horse:

“Aganippe “the Mare who destroys mercifully” was an aspect of Demeter. In this form she was a black winged horse worshiped by certain cults. In this aspect she was portrayed as mare-headed with a mane entwined with Gorgon Snakes. This aspect was also associated with Anion (or Arion) whom Heracles rode, who later inspired tales of Pegasus”. ~ Wikipedia

So I will play a little with this Night Mares as I call them. My goal is a black horse with long wild hair and a long up tail. Her eyes will be poison and they will have a skull branding.

Pic: The Poison eye on a white walker with wings and skull branding, 1 of my breedings

Also gloom or blush wild hair and tail so they get a deep black colour. The wing is Indian Corn, a black and red wing. Later on i will implement some hoof colour and ear traits too (and some more traits if possible maybee null luster for example). Isnt she a beauty my little Enchanted Aganippe? Even if she has green eyes. I got a lot of work ahead of me….:


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