Party in the Cloud – My first Cloud Party

This Friday I visited my first party in Cloud Party. 25 avies was present at the same time and 5-6 of them from Sweden! Even Yohan dropped by, long time no see :D I dunno if more came after i logged off though. I had no lag whatsoever on high settings, it was amazing and music stream quality was brilliant. I hope this will be a tradition in Cloud Party at Thoy´s Club, URL:

Estelle came in this beautyful dress she had created (psp pic):

You dont need a Facebook account nowadays to log in to Cloud Party and you can also log in as a guest. Even if FB is a very easy way to access it and you bring your friendlist with you. If other FB friends logs in you already have them in your list. There are often mentors at the start place but the interface is very easy to learn so you should be fine anyohoo. Add me if you want. Welcome!

Party links:

The world is new and need a lot of building but its a builders paradise. The building tools are amazing and physic too. Easy and free to upload mesh. There are public sandboxes and you get a free home when u have done your “goals”. If u have trouble building in sandboxes first time it might be a bug. Relogging usually helps. So dont judge it before you have looked hard at it. And yes im the blue 1 :O)


4 Comments to “Party in the Cloud – My first Cloud Party”

  1. Very interesting, as always, Mera. The more troubles I find in SL, the more other grids and other worlds become appealing.

    • Thank you! I am a metaverse globetrotter u know that. Its like an itch :)
      The Second Life platform feels very old now. Im afraid the only way to survive is to rebuild it completely with new tech. That way SL could fight for its position as the middle age ppls playground.

  2. Welcome to Cloudparty!! Great that you enjoyed yourself! Indeed with challenges a portal to show your friends what you have been doing all these years.
    Thanks to the easy access and simple tutorials. I would never see it as a replacement but another platform with its own identity (and hope it will keep that way).
    Hope to see you soon again!

  3. Thanks JoJa! I agree, Cloud Party is not a replacement neither a copycat to Second Life. Its a totally different kind of platform with modern tech. Its a brand new world and need a lot of content and building. Its exciting to see it grow day by day :) See you soon!

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