Happy New Year! But where are we going? Cloud Party?

What about Second Life? Will it survive? Which world of all virtual worlds will be a success or at least survive? I cant tell, but I can tell you 1 thing. The first place I logged in to today was Cloud Party. I entered the grid yesterday first time and met a lot of Swedish people at the start place. So it was a good start. My friend Apmel was interviewed in a Swedish news paper and at the end of the article they mentioned Cloud Party as a possible future success. I have been watching it for a while but not registered until yesterday.

And after the first hours of struggles I was amazed. God how smooth this world works! It is easy to import stuff from Blender for example but you can also build in world with prims. You dont download anything, you just use the browser (i think u need to use Chrome). I registered via my Facebook accound and it was extremely easy. You have all your FB friends with you as default. As soon as they log in they become your friends in Cloud Party too. The interface is great.

This world feels a lot more up to date and modern than old Second Life sorry to say. I love that it is run in a viewer. So if i am going to have a guess for the coming year, Cloud Party might be a success. I myself have trouble leaving my new wonderful *free* home actually. I even uploaded my own logo and started to learn about building in Blender. I even finished my first table :))

So join and finish your Goals and you have a house of your own in no time. Dont forget to add me and visit my home :)

Hamlet has had some postings too for ex this: “perhaps most perceptive of all being this one from reader Ezra, who spells out Cloud Party’s advantages over Second Life for developers in great detail:

“[T]he biggest difference between Cloud Party and Second Life is that everything is highly customizable.

Read on: Hamlet about Cloud Party

TAXI: Meras Home in Cloud Party

LINK: Cloud Party

Apmel about Cloud Party: Mixed links

Your own island: WIKI 

What are your predictions for the New Year 2013?

Happy New Year hugs from Mera <3


5 Comments to “Happy New Year! But where are we going? Cloud Party?”

  1. Hey Mere. damn, another world I have to chase after you in!

    Yes. I been to Cloud Party too and actually you may well be right. It is one to watch and I do like using a browser client. I’ve yet to really spend time there but I will and now you are there well. I have a friend to call on – Yay!

    Okay honey bunch. Here’s wishing you a very happy new year and a very prosperous 2013!

    *Hugs da girl and swings her around*

    Hey, we have a date to meet up in Hax Nuit. Don’t forget.


  2. P.S. I flew a Helicopter at the Berlin region


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