Fly me to the moon – Kitely

I visited Ener Hax sim in Kitely yesterday and found some ossum stuff. A wastebin, a spaceship and a Tintin rocket i brought home with me! Yay! How cool wouldnt it be if we could Hypergrid teleport in this vehicle? Land on another grid in style :D

Thanks Ener! Huggies! Link to shop in Kitely (free to visit, it doesnt affect your private minutes in Kitely):

Ener has written a lot about Kitely in her blog, for example this recent posting about windlight settings:

Up to 16 regions, 100 avatars and 100,000 prims per world – Kitely


“Kitely offers two ways to pay for your virtual worlds:

  • Fixed Monthly Price – pay a fixed monthly price, and then everyone can visit your world for free.
  • Time-Based Billing – instead of a fixed monthly price, pay only for the time spent inside your virtual world. You always pay for your own visits, and you can choose whether to pay for your visitors as well, or have them pay for their visits using their plan’s Minutes.”
Monthly Plan Price Time Free Regions
Free Plan Free 2 hours 1
Bronze Plan $5 30 hours 2
Silver Plan $20 120 hours 10
Gold Plan $35 Unlimited 20

Fixed price for 1 region is 40 $ and 4 is 60$. In that case unlimited nr of ppl can visit your sim for free, no minutes withdrawn from their account. Read on:


6 Responses to “Fly me to the moon – Kitely”

  1. it took me a while to understand what Kitely was about (like a year!!!) but when they went to worlds that could be multiple sims, then that made my pain project possible on Kitely

    it’s easier than i thought to use and runs as well, maybe even better, than our dedicated server did

    i would have never built the freebie store or Hax Nuit if it had not been for Kitely. the Hax Nuit thing will be open soon and be an example of like 40,000 prims on one sim. it’s an example of a “real” build and not just a test thing

    i’m glad you liked what i have – it’s not a lot but i hope some of it is useful

    by the way, your sim looks beautiful in that pic – i love the water, plants, house and Swedish flag! =)

  2. Interesting, I would like to visit Ener too. I think, I do have a free account. I need to checki it!. May be even for one hour!.


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