Happy Christmas from Real Life to all friends in the Metaverse!


Happy Christmas all friends! I asked a neighbour for a pic so I got this. (As Im a male as some people “knows for a fact” i cant take a pic of myself of course ;) I said to neighbour: – I want some RL connection in this Christmas card but you look like shit, put on some more makeup, at least powder your nose D: Or let me work on you in psp?! She had a bad cold, barely no makeup and deep dark circles under her eyes, even more visible as the light came from above.

Neighbour said: – Nawww, no touching up no fancy clothes, I dont care. Let your readers have a laugh, i couldnt care less. I wanna see their pic so I can laugh some too ;)  So enjoy :]

I started thinking about what she had said. She was right of course. I cant continue roaming the metaverse as the infamous Vesper_Kling/Mera_Kranfel for ever. Maybee it´s time for me to move on? Maybee it´s time now, before I turn horrible 5 years here.

And this blog has seen better days too. It sort of died when I moved from OpenSim/inWorldz back to SL. Maybee its a sign I should go back….

I´v also got a lot of bashing cos of what i´v written here. Like this recent review over me: “-Vesper/Mera is a bastard who dont take relationships seriously, a true EVIL person..”She is also ugly, very old and probably a man. AND she (he?) has a phobia against tits” 

True, I might be all that. U never know in a virtual world.

I agree with this charming person, it´s just rubbish all of it, the blog too. I dont recommend anyone to read this blog actually. U r just wasting your time here, getting upset, spill your coffee and get a headache. I cant see any reason to read it. Read a book instead or someone elses blog and you will benefit :)

And now over to Christmas. Plz dont do what ill prolly do this christmas. As drinking too much mulled wine, getting sloshed in front of grandma, open someone elses christmas gifts by mistake, getting loaded and trip over your mother in law, kiss the wrong person or whatever… I have it all planned.  ;)

So is it time for goodbye or is this just a temporary feeling? Time will tell. Christmas huggies!


14 Comments to “Happy Christmas from Real Life to all friends in the Metaverse!”

  1. God jul, Merry Christmas and a big hug :)

  2. Gud jul, kära! <3 *kram*

    And to whoever said that about you…lulz, what a pathetic piece of crap :P I lubs you. Thar.

  3. Fia, Apmel, Erestor and Leanna; Thanks and Merry Christmas huggggss and kisses 2 u all my friends *lubs u* :`)

  4. Perhaps my darling Mera you need to step away from Virtual Worlds for a bit. Recharge your batteries. Do something new.

    And if after a few months you feel the pull of Second Life or Inworldz or Open Sim calling you…then answer it. If you don’t..then hopefully you’ll have a new activity to enjoy.

    Mind you.. I hear there is a certain Sim on the Inworldz mainland just begging for the Swedish touch again… :)

    Happy Christmas and a peaceful 2013… x

    • Oh there is Alex? Gosh my first sim inWorldz was Lost River on mainland *_* I still have it as my home when i visit the grid *nostalghia*. We need a time out now and then and rethink. Atm I feel a bit lost. I feel I sort of need those worlds but i have cut down quite a bit. Maybee i need to work more on my RL? I dunno where to go from here…. yes i need to recharge batteries, you´r right about that…. Huggies and a happy peaceful 2013!

  5. Hey girl, been a while since I commented but I still loves ya. Thanks to for the Xmas card you sent in SL. Yeah, I did open it! Lovely.

    Now don’t go getting all upset about online crap people like to dish out. Most people are sensible enough to take others as they find them and one thing is for sure, you have always come over to me as the sweet caring and happy-go-lucky darling that you are. I absolutely know that and yet we never met in the real. It’s all in the words, the expression and something in the back of my head that says if you ever met this girl you would want to hug her soooooooo tight.

    So there!

    Come back to Opensim where we have a warm place for you in our hearts.

    Love you lots. Hap, happy Christmas Tinkerbell. XXXXXXXX

  6. Hi Mera… Please have a wonderful, relaxing Christmas and holiday. We survived the Mayan Apocalypes, so 2013 can only get better. I enjoy your blog because you are a girl who fills the room with life and light. Hugs & luv to you, you sweetheart. ~Yordie

  7. Hey Mere. Don’t know if you read the article Maria posted on Hypergrid Business where she lists Christmas offing’s of Free land on Opensim grids…


    Otherwise maybe I will find you in Mid Summer some time, somewhere. I hope so!

    BTW, maybe join me and others at Google+ “Opensim Virtual” which I set up for anyone who loves Opensim worlds and wants to promote their grid or events and just about anything Opensim related…


    Merry Christmas and see you soon. Oh, and Happy new year too!

    • Gaga; oh interesting thanks! Well I have my own sim in Kitely since a year or so. I cant complain :) I have no presence in Google + as i only have my avie identity in Google. They need real life ID I heard? See you soon! huggies Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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