Breaking up is hard to do

Maybee you already know Fia and Vesper are no longer an item. But maybee you dont know why that is? I can tell you why. 1 day when Vesper came home he found Fia cuddling a horse in red ribbons and all his furnitures where removed. Their cosy home looked like a stable with some hay in the corners. Fia looked a bit ashamed and admitted she just got this months Amaretto Showhorse and there was no room for both the horse and Vesper so she had to choose…

Vesper looked at the horse´s rear and remembered a quote from 1 of his favourite authors so he didnt argue, just turned around and hit the road. Alone again….

Horses are uncomfortable in the middle and dangerous at both ends.  ~  Ian Fleming

May be continued…… (If I can find Vesper in 1 of those endless bars he´s going between)


2 Comments to “Breaking up is hard to do”

  1. It’s that classic old story. Boy meets Girl, falls in love and moves in together. Then Girl falls in love with a brightly coloured Horse with a stoned expression on it’s face, converts lovenest into stable and boy gets the bum’s rush…

    Thems the breaks Vesper….. :)

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