Time in SL has taught me well, play fair & i’ll be fair play unfair & l’ll be GONE. Say the following & i’ll assume –>
* BRB = Gone for a Pee

*deep in edit = dancing at wild coast*

* Be Back soon = be back if i don’t find something more interesting to do.

* Mom Phone = need five minute break from you.

* Mom Door Bell = need an undefined break from you.

* Hold on talking to Mum/Dad/Aunt = on voice talking to someone more interesting.

* Dealing with the Kids = no idea who to talk to – be back if & when i can.

* Eating Now = cant type busy doing something else.

* PC is Frozen = Trying to run an ALT & messed up PC.

* Room mate or Neighbour at the door = busy shagging someone else, be…

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