This is where my money goes right now #ABC Horses

Today I bought the Fibromyalgia Wellspring Horse for 8 K. Yes a lot of money but it is a worthy cause and i get a beautyful horse in exhange. Irl we often get nothing but the good feeling when we donate :)

So why dont u join me and go to the ABC store and buy 1!


You can get foals from the horse too if you want and sell them later on the horse market = great fun \o/

More information from ABC horses here:

ABC has been involved with several charities in SL for some time.
Philanthropic work is important to ABC and we are expanding this area. We
have been looking at several charities over the past year and due to some
recent events we are going to partner with NfmCPA (National Fibromyalgia &
Chronic Pain Association). For this partnership ABC has created the ABC
Fibromyalgia Wellspring Horse.

A Wellspring is defined as “a source of continual or abundant supply” it is
also defined as a “Foundation” or “Origin”. This is why we here at ABC –
Awesome Breed Creations chose this name for the release of our newest horse
to help a worthy charity. There should always be an abundant supply of
giving from your heart for a good cause. The logo for The National
Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association is a tree which represents both a
foundation and an origin. Finally and on a personal note, another
foundation and origin is a Mother. As many of you know ABC’s very own
Darcul recently lost his mother. She didn’t pass away from having
Fibroyalgia, but did suffer with it for well over 30 years. The Single red
rose on this horse is our tribute to her and her memory.

The Coat & Eyes can pass through the bloodline, and will never be in the
gene pool. The Breed will be introduced in the gene pool… eventually, as
in the past it is a surprise so keep an eye out for it.

The FM Wellspring Horse will be available at the ABC Main Store for 8000 L
$, all of the profits will be donated to the NfmCPA.

The Community has the opportunity of assisting ABC and the NfmCPA in
raising awareness, contributing to research, and to support education on
this cause that is not as well known as other causes.


Please join us in this partnership and spread the word and donate by
purchasing the Fibromyalgia Wellspring Horse.


2 Comments to “This is where my money goes right now #ABC Horses”

  1. fibromyalgia doesnt kill you (as you wrote she didnt die from it) but yes it is a painful condition that they still dont know where it comes from or what can be done to cure it… hey i know ive got it. even if the NfmCPA is in the US i hope they can raise some money and perhaps find something that perhaps not cure us but eases our pain and all the other things that comes with having fibro…

  2. I know you are suffering from this too Vampi and I agree its a good thing to donate to research even if it is in another country. The research benefits us all. I was thinking the same when i donated to RFL some months ago:

    ABC raised 1,755,000 Lindens or over 7000 RL dollars on that horse….

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