To be yourself in a virtual world

Dont be too sure of anything in a virtual world.

It aint what u know that gets you into trouble. Its what u know for sure

that just ain´t so…

~ Mark Twain

Pic;  Strange shapeshifter Mera at home trying to lure Leanna to eat the forbidden fruit.

Some people goes on and on about how important it is to “be yourself” in a virtual world. I dont know what they mean or if they understand it themselves. (Do they have an avie that is a copy of their Real life body?)  I dont know if I am “myself” (this is becoming too profound!) but this is The Virtual Me, exactly as I am. In all my shapes, me myself and I. I dont seek approval, but a little hug now and then is totally ok :)

So here is a fairytale for you: A person in a virtual world can choose to look like whatever he or she prefers. It´s a well known fact that we automatically trust beautyful people more than less beautyful people. Humans are not that smart…. If you make your avie look strange or shapeshift a lot, you must be strange IRL (in real life) too. Isnt that so?

I dont think so. I think in fact the opposite. If u really are strange and have problems to fit in IRL you may not want that in a virtual world. You are in a world where you can hide your awkward self behind your gorgeous avie and be “normal”. A dream come true.

It could be that the ones that try the hardest to make their avies look “normal” and attractive, may be the ones you should stay away from. Not the dragon or the flying blue bunny. I cant be sure of course, but I have a feeling…..

Dont dream too many nightmares now ;)


10 Comments to “To be yourself in a virtual world”

  1. Sorry. i think that Saveme *is* truly strange in RL.

  2. Could be the ones who try too hard to be different are the most uncreative ones ;D

  3. Also, forbidden fruit? What? ‘splain plz!

  4. Wizard; When i saw her in world she looked fairly human so yes she could be strange irl maybee ;) huggies

    Leanna: As you have both huge elf ears and wings im not worried as u are almost normal and very creative at the same time <3
    The poisoned apple? u know my reputation:

    And I didnt say everyone looking “normal” in Second Life was an ax murderer in real life

  5. Virtual selves are a plaything for some and an ‘issue’ for others. It takes all sorts to make a world …. where ever that world is.
    I prefer creativity to a logical approach to this question.

  6. I believe this goes to the heart of what a virtual world is. After 6+ years in SL and InWorldz, the main benefit I see from virtual worlds is the freedom to live your dreams, to be who (or whatever) you want to be. And not just one. If you are a role-player, you can adopt an account that is completely in character at all times, with a background, history, and unique personality. This can be completely separate from your “main” or other “normal” account, which itself can be just like you in RL, or again completely different.

    For those who say you should just be yourself in a virtual world, I say you are missing out on *most* of the benefit of being in SL. In fact, I’d go so far as to suggest maybe become the complete opposite of what you are in RL, so as to experience that. The other day I joked that online I should be a black, Chinese, female. Just to experience that. Because as an old white Caucasian geek, I’m not leaving my comfort zone and exploring the world, or myself.

    To me, a shapeshifter is the core of a virtual world. And by shapeshifter I mean both visually and mentally. Open your mind. Find out more about who you really are.

    • Jim; I wish i had written this myself. Brilliant. I cant agree more. And I wanna see you as a little geisha. Leave your comfort zone now! :D:D

      You are ossum <3 warm huggies <3

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