Dont get Trojan.IRCBot – fbdownloader in your computer!

Trojan.IRCBot is not a threat, not a virus. Its just a bloody nuissance! GOD! I have been afk for some days now trying to remove this bloody trojan bitch! arghh, I was in a panic state for a while. I thought I had to erase the HD again D:  Some scammers on the net says its a 8 on the threat scale of 10 but its a lie. They just wants to sell virus protection. Prolly them who plants it in our computer….

I think i got it in a software i tried, in a bundle so I didnt see it til it was too late….

This little bitch installed a worthless search engine called FBDownloader so i couldnt use my own search engine for example. I was worried at first but yesterday I realised it was a hoax, only a PUP (potentially unwanted program). McAfee homepage helped me: LINK mcAfee

I followed their advice to remove it and now im fine again  :)

Advice; if you get a virus or something in your computer u are worried about pull out the internet cable quick before it can spread your email and stuff. Try to use another computer to search for a solution and change all passwords. Dont fall for them who wants money to remove it either. You can always do it with a freeware. Search google carefully, dont panic and you will find help. <3

Huggs and kisses


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