The only thing you can be sure of in Second Life

The only thing you can be sure of in Second Life is that you can never be sure. If someone is a man or a woman. Young or old. They can use voice but you cant be sure they dont use a morph. They can have a “Real life” picture in the profile but you cant be sure its not a model or a random pic from the net. You cant be sure its a “first avie” or an alt either.

So how do we deal with this mess? Well this is sort of the soul in virtual worlds. You can be everything u want and you should. No one is allowed to force you to change or demand that you reveal your real life identity in any way. If a person want a real life relationship they should move on to a real life dating site instead of a virtual world. This is a game, (ok Virtual World!) its fantasy and all fun. So if you treat everyone the way you want to be treated yourself, there is no problem, no drama.

Dont get hungup on if its a man or a woman, young or old or whatever. Its not an issue in Second Life. If its a big deal to you, you are in the wrong place and should move on.


16 Responses to “The only thing you can be sure of in Second Life”

  1. Ojjj.. Grattis i efterskott!! :)

  2. You go girl! That is so true!

  3. omg. here we go again. Secondlife is *not* a game. there is only one way in which i will concede that Secondlife is a game, i.e. if you concede that Real Life is a just a game.

    • Wiz no its not “omg and here we go” haha. U know i dont see SL as a “game game”. But technically its a game and im swedish so I have trouble finding a good word for it. Well what is SL? Its a virtual world ok my bad :O) I never treat people differently in SL than in RL, would never do that. Huggies

  4. if second life is a game who wins?? A “game” to me is were you collect score or kill people to end up as a winner or a loser. For me second life is absolutly NOT a game. I get angry when people say that. It is still real people behind every avatar with real feelings. If you think that a play with peoples feelings is ok then that is up to you. I want to know a little about the RL person behind the avi, and if someone dont want to tell me or avoiding that subject then that person is not for me. My friends in SL dont se it as a game either and we voice a lot. And most people can hear if it is a morph program or not. Me and my friends sure can anyway. I would be very upset if were to date a manavi and the avi turned out to be a female or if a femalefriend in RL were a man in real life. That is not ok in my book. That is a big fat lie. I however have SL friends with femaleavis that write in there profile they are man in RL and that is ok, then they are true to both themself and others.

    • Well Helene then u are in for a bumpy ride im afraid. As i said its impossible to know who is behind the avie in a virtual world. Sure u can make sure its the “right” sex but you are talking to an avie most of the time with no body language. You cant hear his or her voice, not the fine tunes, even if you use voice. Its not real life. U will end up feeling very uncomfortable here im afraid…. so my advice is choose RL if you want a true real life relationship. You can find it here but its not easy…. :)

  5. I dated a guy once who one night revealed that he was a she. Ok, but then she wanted to come back and be with me woman to woman. Erm, why? Was she so sure i was gonna be happy that he was a she? Was she equally sure I’d want to be her girlfriend? Whathafa? I was polite and kind, for which he/she was appreciative but why do people feel they need to spill the beans? If you are a he who wants to be a she or vice versa then just do it. But coming clean can really mess things up. And hurt people. I’d have prolly been ok dating that guy, but I didn’t want to knew he was a she. I’m sure this is similar to when guys learn a girl is a he, but prolly much more difficult for a guy to handle.

  6. Yordie; good example and i agree, im sure this scenario is worse for men than women….

  7. Well Sl is virtualworld but a game too. Don’t forget that, I always think that SL is more a game than a virtualworld more now that they are in Steam!.

  8. Well speaking if someone is a man or a woman in RL and different thing in SL, it is not matter but what it matters is when someone “lies” telling to people that they are woman or man in RL and the reality is different. One time I catch someone lying on me, he is a man in RL and a woman SL, and I have seen some people really frustated when they know the real identity of the other person. Anyway we don’t know if real people behind a mic is the same who knows ?. Someone can tell to someone else “please use the mic” I don’t want this person to know who I am really. The only way to know the real person is outside SL and using webcam program. But anyway some be aware of the person you contact in reality!.

    • Xpontaneous thanks for your comment. I agree we have to be very careful when meeting people from the internet irl. But there are also a lot of danger irl when u are out partying…. Danger is everywhere but in a virtual world we may not see it until its too late… so take care.

  9. That’s not the point I am speaking about Mera, what I mean is that you can speak someone by mic but sometimes they can lie on, I mean someone can say to his brother or sister: “please can you speak on mic, so the other person will not know who I am ?”. That’s what I mean and yes danger is everywhere not Sl. What I mean is that someone can lie on mic too, the best way to talk to another person is outside SL and using webcam. If you want to meet another person that outside SL.


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