How I found Second Life

Yes this is why and I spend my first weeks in Second Life trying to find this blue bear avie though I had no money and no luck I stayed anyhoo. It was my childhood dream come true :O)

This is no deep and profound explanation but its the truth. It looked fun and it is STILL fun! :D :D

Yes I became 4 years in Second Life yesterday and my friends celebrated me <3 We had a small party as Im not a party animal and they are well aware of that ;)

I even got a cake with 4 candles :`)

Alf was DJ and it was totally ossum. Eventually Alf played the tunes I love, like his own Techno tune and Swedish house mafia *_*

I hardly believe im still here after 4 years…So thanks to CSI Im still stalking u my friends <3


9 Comments to “How I found Second Life”

  1. Happy belated Birthday Mera! And a great video! I’d heard of that CSI episode but never saw it – too funny :) Have a great day!

  2. Missed this altogether, congrats young lady erhmm avatar!

    • Thanks Apmel!! Yea “avatar” it is :)) U know this comment woke me up and triggered me to make a new posting today. “The only thing you can be sure of…” :D

  3. A belated Happy Rezzday to my favourite Swede.. x

  4. A belated HAPPY REZ DAY MERA! Glad you stayed.

    i saw that episode, but discovered SL through a CNBC special about computer gaming.

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