Pick up lines – The none smoker

In Swedish this time and very creative!:

– Bellona Swords: veppe <3
– Miss T blänger på Mera och undrar om han ska bjuda upp henne eller röka
– Mera (Veppe): jag kan göra både och ;)
– Miss T: du röker inte och dansar med mig grabben, då får du plocka av min
satintop me pincett
– Mera (Veppe): lol Miss T, äger ingen pincett gumman :)
– Miss T: Nä så fimpa då!
– Betty Idler: lol
– Mera (Veppe): hahah forget it ;)

Pics from Kickis Deck, Yadkin.

6 Comments to “Pick up lines – The none smoker”

  1. I had to translate Miss T with Google, “You do not smoke and dance with me kid, when you get pick of my satintop me Tweezers” … lordy, I got lost on the last half of that sentence. hehe

    • Something like this; “kid, you do not smoke and dance with me at the same time. If u do that u have to remove my satintop with a tweezer” ….me thinks she said.
      I dont have a tweezer i said
      then stop smoking! she said
      / I dunno if “remove” is the word here though, pick maybee?… :O)

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