Is Pathfinding the reason for my lag?

Jim Tarber techie wiz and friend from inWorldz (link to join the inWorldz grid) tweeted to me the other day:

@MeraKranfel I’m hearing that the new pathfinding code in SL has destabilized SL in several areas and hurt performance of others. Related?

Yes i suspect it is related because my problems began in august when this pathfinding was implemented on the servers. But why on eartyh does only Lindens own viewer lag me and not Firestorm? Firestorm works like a charm! <3

He also said this: “You might want to try logging into SL with the InWorldz viewer, to see how much is SL server lag, versus viewer end.”

Yes this is true! It seems that LLs own viewer have problems with this, not the other viewers…. on my end anyhoo. So it seems to be more of a viewer lag issue? Or both? I mean i should have higher FPS with Firestorm too regarding the hardware i use….

Read on about this potential problem in this blog (and comments) from may. What do u think? And what can I do? Some of my horses are moving around and have always done before without problems. Is this causing lag after Pathfinding was implemented? Is it only me having this issue here or have any of u experienced any problems? I´m blonde and dont fully understand this about “linkset” and how to change each prim to solve this lag problem….  :O)

Thanks Jim! Huggies!

5 Comments to “Is Pathfinding the reason for my lag?”

  1. pathfinding seems like a good idea but also a big load if not done decently. of course, every time i see pathfinding, i think of Pathfinder and that makes me sad . . .

  2. There have been new performance related problems in our region since Pathfinding was implemented. I don’t have the tech savvy to connect it to the Pathfinder code, but I do have the savvy to identify good ole “proximity to error.”

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