Pickup Lines – Sugardaddy

I honestly dont know if this is a sort of a pickup line, what do you think? If so, its at least classy:

– Keezie: Hello there, you know you left some of your horses on a sandbox? o.o, or just free roaming?
– Mera: hi, yes i have lack of prims atm :O)
– Keezie: Oh, okay – just makin’ sure. ^^
– Mera: :))
– Mera : I feed them in the sandbox :)
– Keezie: :P
– Keezie: How many prims do you need?
– Mera: ty but im good, just cheap lady :))
– Keezie: ah, alrighty – have like 2,000 free
– Mera: oh my :O)
– Keezie: Was going to offer you to use the ground on my shop if you wanted.
– Keezie: Doesn’t bother me eitherway.
– Mera : oh thanks u are so sweet but i cant possible accept such a generous offer
– Keezie: ^^, well let me know if you change your mind
– Mera : thanks :)
– Keezie: Welcome

3 Comments to “Pickup Lines – Sugardaddy”

  1. Hahaha, that’s awesome. I’ve never been offered prim usage before! That’s hot! Oh, wait a minute… /me chuckles under her breath…

  2. I love it. I’ve heard a lot of lines but “[I] have 2000 [prims] free” is pretty amazing. *shivers with excitement* hahahha

  3. Girls; Oh uhh this feels pretty unique and he was pretty amazing, agree :) And thanks Fia, sweetheart <3

    Huggiess all of u!!!!

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