Firestorm spanks V3 #Second Life

I gave up and Installed Firestorm. The fps went sky high compared to before D: GOD! My computer is allergic to V3?

But when i logged in with Firestorm it looked like this:

I was wearing a huge stone! The little minx Eric Linden was listed as creator. Is he playing games with me? So i detached the stone and it said: [09:10] Bridge detached.

Arghh! I knew Firestorm needs a bridge and It was obviously masked as a stone D: So i had to recreate the bridge again. Is this common or is it me? :O)

17 Responses to “Firestorm spanks V3 #Second Life”

  1. Curios, I have about the same problems with Firestorm on Mac!

  2. talk about a rock hard bum :D

  3. sheesh, too much fibre in your diet! *ewwww*

  4. Ener I prefer to listen to what Leanna has to say here, sounds somehow nicer :]

  5. Wow, did not know you can be such a hard ass! giggles
    ((HUGGLES)) i had this happen to me when I used FS.

  6. Make sure your video settings, field of view, draw distance, and cache settings are the same or FPS will be very misleading. And you don;t really need a bridge, either.

  7. The rock is indeed the viewer bridge. On normal login (to SL), it should make itself tiny and invisible.
    Here is what it does:

  8. Why don´t you use only Phoenix instead. That is a much better viewer then Firestorm. I can assure you that, if you don´t belive me ask Fia :)

  9. Having a higher fps is a good thing, means more frames per second, which is a lot better. Movies are typically at 35fps, with more high def, and the slow mo cameras taking many more frames per second to capture every detail. Less frames per second the more lag you’ll see. I would love to have the fps that is shown on the image, unfortunately mine rarely gets above 10 if I’m lucky. Depends on where I am, what is around me and my graphics settings, which is usually on real low anyways. Don’t have a great graphics card.

  10. Hmm itt was only for a short period i had to use Fs. After some weeks they updated V3 and lag was gone. I never looked back and havent touched FS since then. If i need another viewer i use singularity or kokua.
    Im sorry about your lag! No fun :/ my advice is try Radegast. With that viewer you can use text mode if u are in a laggy place. U can switch between 3D and text. Hope u solve i and thanks for your comment.


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