To read a chicks mind

Bl-dy saturday and Vesper had no one to dance with :( But he was sure Fia wanted to dance, u know how chicks are, they always say the opposite of what they want dont they? So he grabbed her by the hair and went to Kickis deck in the Swedish sim Yadkin.

he told her to stay put so they could dance.

Next problem was to find the dance ball. He clicked and clicked by nothing happened other than  he got Vampadis handbag in da head. -My god what´s her problem? Bloody greedy having 2 danceballs and not share them. Women! he said

Lelle had the same problem searching for danceballs in Blossoms skirt, but at least he didnt get any handbag in his head….

Our own little paparazzi came too late and missed all the juicy news.

Kicki played nice tunes all evening and it was fab. So after some hours Vesper just grabbed Fia in the hair and dragged her home again. After all the evening turned out  quite nicely :]


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