The Poofer killed our relation

It´s over. A heart poofer killed our 4 days old partnership D: Fia had to end the romantic relationship with Mera/Vesper cos excessive heart poofing and heart gestures melted Meras harddrive. She got excessive lag and suddenly smoke came out of the Quad Core. We cant go on like this, computers are too expensive so bye bye baby :`(

Take this as a lesson, dont spam too much on events or u may end up forever alone. And I hope Second Sweden, our own little paparazzi, have had 4 exciting days ;)

<3 <3 <3  (that´s too much….?)


5 Comments to “The Poofer killed our relation”

  1. ya see, my love for you will never poof (besides, i love swedish meatballs too much – i may even have a problem . . .)

    our online words keep my heart beating well beyond any lag imaginable =)

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