-Am i supposed to dance with THAT one?

Puff Klang: Sorry lost you here, am I supposed to dance with THAT item?? O.o

(Original Swedish version); Puff Klang: oj jag hänger visst inte riktigt med här. Ska jag dansa med det där?
“That one” was a small robot (well known swedish paparazzi blogger) that had lost some of his spare parts and we were all at Avalon listening and dancing to DJ Fias beautyful voice and romantic musie. I had made an effort to find Puff a gentleman to dance with and this Robot turned up.

Later a silent and a bit harsh sheriff (Roby) dropped by too so she had some juicy dancing partners to choose from. This is NPIRL as the robot said himself, how many times do u have a chanse to dance with a robot irl? Or a sheriff for that matter :D

But who was Fia dancing with? What will Mr Awesomesauze Vesper say about this? She looked a bit familiar…. a family affair? And the mysterious couple from the weekend was here too, silent as usual…. 1.15AM there was 4 couples left and a single lady (Ellinor) who seemed to be sleeping.

Lovely evening as usual Fia <3 and Alf we had great fun xoxo


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