The ABC “awesome horse” is born

Darc (Darcul Bellic owner and CEO of ABC horses) shouted at us in the chat yesterday. He wanted us to come and look at the latest breed of ABC! These horses, Hades and Apollo is the new breed and inspired by olympic gods. He didnt reveal which breed it actually was.

When these horses breed they will not pass the coloured coats. They will pass normal horse coats of that actual breed. And you cant buy them, they are only possible to buy via so called CR points. Though u can buy a offspring later. My guess is that the offspring might dig a big hole in your wallet….  :)

Darc said more Olympic god horses will follow these so this will be exciting! Start CR your crappy horses now instead of trying to sell them for 100L and get an awesome horse as gift and u might be rich ;)

These horses are displayed at ABC main store at the ABC sim.


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