Second Life is a small grid

I got proof of that today when i randomly logged in on an empty water sim and landed 1m from an old friend from Swedish SL :D

I dunno what she was doing, maybee sending some radio signals or something. She had a peculiar hat on. I dunno, i have to ask her when she wakes up :D :D

What I was doing in that location, in a pink dress and default avie? U can only guess….


6 Comments to “Second Life is a small grid”

  1. no way?!?! for real, you actually randomly land a metre away????

    she may have a witch hat on, but there is no doubt you are the one with magic (you did cast a spell over my heart two years ago) =)

  2. wrote one for you on gittrikas blog comments….

  3. Hihi, you Photoshopping you! It was shitloads of years since i had a RajRaj-hat on..:)
    And when I do radio, it’s nothing else than on Iendis Transistor..
    Oh, and it will be some dual DJ’ing with someone soon too, but no hat is needed then I think hihi…;)

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