Second Life goes Steam!?

“The change has come gradually starting with Mesh and some simple quest games on the new Linden Realms. Then came their faltering attempts to roll out Pathfinder tools, and now they announce the Lab’s intention to get listed on Steam, albeit very quietly.” ~ Gaga Gracious

Inspired by this I tried Drone War with a friend the other day. Got killed of course as an atomic bomb detonated right into my face D: (Even if im dead my make up and hair still looks ossum :}

SLurl DroneWar:

More in Gaga Gracious last brilliant posting, read on: Second Life the Video Game according to Iron Man Rodvik

Linden Lab are obviously trying to get Second Life listed on the Steam Commity:

Second Life community is boiling (or steaming?) right now…. To be continued…

8 Comments to “Second Life goes Steam!?”

  1. That’s why I always think, SL is a game that everybody should not take seriously.

  2. wowowowow! you are kinda smokin’ hot in that pic! *rolls tongue back into mouth*

  3. i would totally wear my hair like that irl!!!!

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