Shift your shape

“seriously – i’ve been human in the real world for over 40 years, why would i want to waste my imagination in a virtual world locked into the same species?”

(the digitalmouse

Yesterday I was a  horse, the day before – a dragon, so many days so many decisions!  When i look at my “human” shape I see i had some “black horse features” already as i have my black tail and braids :D

Why do some ppl shapeshift in Virtual Worldz? For some ppl (who often never even tried it) it´s a huge question and they never seem to understand why. For me its not complicated and I have never even thought much about it until i realise some ppl seems to take offence by it. For me its sort of a natural thing to do in a virtual world where not much is “natural” actually. As “natural” as walking around looking like a supermodel. That is in fact also a kind of shapeshifting…. How many of you look like your Real life shape and skin in worlds? I guess shapeshifting is ok as long as the shape looks more of less “human”? How about my tail? :O)

Different people have different reasons and it´s up to them. Do it for fun, just because u can or whatever, but never ever let anyone judge you. We are here to have fun!

Some people have an alt account for their different characters and some just change outfit. Do what u like as long as nobody gets hurt. And dont listen to those petty boring griefers who hates “shapeshifters” and “alts” who wants u too look like a supermodel instead. Live and let live :)


3 Comments to “Shift your shape”

  1. in real life you could also have a pony tail like that (i can’t give you the link, i’m at work – but you probably already know about these . . .) =D

  2. /me pretends she knows and tries to look urbane.. :O)

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