No license

I got a gift from the boys again (Linden Labs premium gift) and tried it out at the premium race course. It was totally cool to run the vehicle up and down the sand dunes but it was extremely difficult to stear! Or will they deliver the drivers licence in the next gift box? Anyone tried this? What did u think? Was it me, lag or is it something weird about the stearing?*

Anyhoo the sims are cool and u can use other vehicles of coures. The buggy is customize too so u dont have to have it in pink ;)

*UPDATE: A friend tried it and had no problem with stearing…. cough…


11 Comments to “No license”

  1. I had serious problems with the steering too, but then i tried to detach all body worn scripted things. So barefoot and with n00bhair will do it! :)
    The steering wasnt excellent after that change either, but much better:)
    It seems that vehicles are very sensitive with the avatars worn scripts.

  2. you’re used to your chauffeur doing the steering! =p

    looks like fun and crashing is the funnest! =)

  3. The buggy is some of the worst examples of off road buit in Sl!
    I got it and discard it asap!
    And the regions don’t have navmesh enabled!
    if they had, the bug that turned all vehicles that run in natural landscape, laggy and useless, would be revealed!
    So the best advise is to use a good off road scripted vehicle there, instead of that 1!

  4. hooray! fun is god! =D (and Mera is the best) ;)

  5. I wish the lab would do a better job with the steering. I have that problem with a lot of vehicles. The buggy looks cool though. Gonna try mine soon.

  6. I’ll give it a try this weekend. Still haven’t tried out the rail cart, it looks very cool.

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