The random Casanova

Time to vent! I may be a bitch but I have less and less patience with these random casanovas turning up asking for “intimacy” of some kind, or just turning up on your land standing silent for 30 minutes. Or random TP from a total stranger. I got 1 today. Why does he think im interested in his “stuff” when im standing fully dressed at my (not adult) parcel staring at a preg mare?  Pooh!

Well I didnt kill him this time (just beat him up a bit as u can see ;) Instead I made an effort to solve his problem permanently (well to kill someone is kind of permanent…) and searched for “Adult HUB” – went there and saved a LM. Next time I will throw that in next jerks face ( i mean help him find his friends) :D

Here is a SLurl so u can do the same:

Give him/her that and tell them they will find like minded friends to play with at that place, so please go and leave mummy alone now :]


2 Comments to “The random Casanova”

  1. Oooh thanks for the info! Places to be checked out \o/

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