To be a man in Second Life

It may not be easy if u listen to Harveys description; “Second Life lets you discover your boundaries, learn about yourself, and explore a world without limits, but as I walk around in the real world I find myself wondering how many guys out there really want to be out and about with swords or automatic weaponry strapped to their bodies?”

Harveys weblog “Gods in Kind” is a mix between Real Life and Second Life where he has been a citizen since 2004 with a break from 2007-2012. Refreshing and interesting :)

Read on:

And I hope u find more colourful clothes Harvey :))


6 Responses to “To be a man in Second Life”

  1. I hope so too! I’m always on the lookout for more colourful clothes!

    Thanks for the kind words Mera!

  2. It’s a great perspective that we don’t read about often isn’t it? Glad you found this blog!

    • Yes it truly is and i agree 100%. Happy to have found it. Its very hard to find nice mens clothes that are not black or dark. And its a lot of barbed wire and weapons as “assesoires” :O)

  3. just become a seven foot tall, triple E, nekked dancing chick belonging tio 25 lesbian groups – that’s what real men inSL do! =p

    okay, seriously – men’s clothes do suck and i have spent hours looking for men’s shoes and jackets for use in training videos and it is really hard to find decent stuff, let alone a variety of it (and hair? yikes, i do feel badly for guys there!)


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