Drama in Kitely?

I got a “no drama” sign from Ener the other day: http://iliveisl.com/no-patience-for-drama/ I rezzed it immediately of course! If any of u rezzes a Ener drama sigh feel free to make a comment with a link here =))

But Kitely http://www.kitely.com/ is like a small village compared to SL. I havent seen any drama so far and I almost miss it…… Is it too much to ask for a”MORE drama” sign sweet Ener? And u are getting a home in Kitely too? Oh joy! Lets create some really juicy drama together ;) xxxxxxxxxxxx

Kitely url: http://www.kitely.com/virtualworld/Mera-Kranfel/Ba-Doom

Last news from Kitely, for example Megaregions: http://blog.kitely.com/

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6 Comments to “Drama in Kitely?”

  1. oh my wealthy Swedish Herring Heiress! we could create big drama together!

    (Mera’s Kitely home is a flatpack from Ikea, btw)

    a more drama sign? hmm, why not! =)

  2. Jajajaj very interesting, may be you can say “Drama avoided!”.

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