Who´s that girl?

When i checked on my horses yesterday I suddenly saw 1 I didnt recognize. And she spoke to me! She was so beautyful so my wonderful ABC horses almost looked a bit plain next to her.

She had seen my posting about Breeders Choise horse avatar the other day and got 1 for herself.

Of course after meeting this beautyful creature I was hooked and suddenly found myself standing by the stable at my place, scratching her mane ;)

Are we cute or not? :O)

SLURL Breeders Choise: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Everest%20Creek/52/167/23

Group link


4 Comments to “Who´s that girl?”

  1. Oh my…. those are simply beautiful!! The grass looks pretty green on that side of the fence… I might have to join you… <3

  2. Hi Mera… cool post! And omg, loved the vid with the horse even dancing, all of the horses movements. that’s amazing. hugs, Yordie

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