Official ABC horse racing has started!

So now its time to train our horses and ourselves for the races! Geisha Cerise is training us here. Its important to do it right, otherwise u could get DQ (disqualified) in the race.

So if you are interested in horse racing and own a sulky horse, American Standardbred or Hackney, please join our group “ABC Sulky Horse Central” to join the fun! We will try to arrange regular training sessions with Geisha in the future.

There is also betting going on and i have seen ppl walk away with quite an amount of Linden dollars after a race…..

This track is located at:



2 Comments to “Official ABC horse racing has started!”

  1. That is cool, Mera! Beautiful horse, cool sulky… hold on tight. heh. Are you officially back from Summer?

    • Hey Yordie! Well yes I am! But I dont have much time for my blog im afraid! Atm it feels more fun spending that time inworld or irl. But i will prolly blog now and then :) Huggies!!!!

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