My new career in Second Life? #ABC horses

Yay I got my license to be jockey for ABC horses today! I passed the written exam and the practical test i did this friday. How exciting! So now its possible to hire me as a jockey for the different races available as Sled race, sulky race, Thoroughbred race, Flat race and Sprint.  I just started training my own American Standardbred sulky horse Edward Cullen (with prefix Enchanted) see pic. Next i have to order silks in my own stable colour. My diploma (sorry for bragging :)):

Take care and have a lovely summer day xxxxxx


4 Comments to “My new career in Second Life? #ABC horses”

  1. Awwwww… that’s GREAT! a jockey!! totally cool, Mera!!

  2. I wasn’t aware that unlicensed Jockeys were such a hazard. I’ll have to be more careful on the roads then in the future. (chuckle) Congratulations Mera!

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