A new breed on the (ABC horse) block [updated #3!!]

The new breed is an Appaloosa and we were all gathered around the first 1, drooling, yesterday. =)) It was a stallion, colour Blue Frost and both parents were starters. Exciting with a new breed! Pita is the owner, thanks for the opportunity too look at him!

The second 1 i saw today at the new auction place, Cair Paravel: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cair%20Paravel/131/18/23

and the beautyful snowflake dark brow:

Update!  Two new pictures of new coats:

This leopard Appaloosa was standing at Brunes. Pic by Peewee Musytari.

This beautyful bay blanket above is a mare owned by eljhay.denver who also took the pic, thanks!

Then i got this Palomino blanket pic from Dark Sunflower. 6 coats now, 1 to go. WHICH ONE!? EDIT – look here: http://www.awesomebreedcreations.com/appaloosa.html


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