An awesome creator saved my prims

You wont believe this. This gorgeous stable cost only 150 L$ *_* And it is only 6 prims!!

The creator it the awesomesauze talented Johnytreadlightly Nightfire. I had been seaching for low prim stables quite a while and had a hard time to find any. As i have quite a small parcel i neede REALLY low prim and most of them i found was huge and over 20 prims or a lot more.

I complained my misery to Mr Nightfire who after a short while came up with this solution. :))) Johnny is a creator of amazing medieval castles and villages. Take a look at his place for more nice stuff. You can get a stable at:

Huggies to you Johnny <3 xxxxxxxxxxx


2 Comments to “An awesome creator saved my prims”

  1. That is really beautiful!!

  2. \o/ Happy to help! I like easy projects!

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